Medical Experiments of the Holocaust

Impacts of Dr. mengele

Dr. Mengele’s experiments have caused an impact in today’s society mostly for bad but in a roundabout way for good.

            His horrendous experiments have given us the desire to not repeat such tragedy. This has impacted our society for good in that the chance’s of this happening again are not as high as they were before. As the saying goes “if we do not learn from our past we will be forced to repeat”.

            Of course negative impacts are the numerous lives that were sacrificed under the whim of a man who had no mercy. How many children were orphaned? How many parents became childless? These numbers are countless. To have been murdered in the gas chambers would have been bad but to have suffered under the hand of the “Angel of Death” would have been not have been easy to comprehend.

           What should have been done to justify such monstrous events is not easy to say, but nothing is to be said because Dr. Mengele evaded the hand of justice and was admitted to live in South America. Rumor has it he was even allowed to work as a pediatrician. How frustrating this must be.

During the Jewish Holocaust, Dr. Josef Megele performed several medical experiments of unspeakable horrors on many Jews in concentration camps.