Medical Experiments of the Holocaust

Medical experiments

    During the Holocaust, many German doctors ran thousands of painful and sometimes deadly experiments on the concentration camp prisoners without consent.  These experiments include; feezing/hypothermia, torture, and tramatic injuries.

    The freezing would be done in different ways. One way is they would strap them to a stretcher and put them outside naked.  The winters could be near 25 degrees celsius.  Another way they would freeze them would be to put them in a icy tub of water until they froze.  After they froze them, they would warm them up quickly. They would either put them in a warn bath or make a woman have sexual intercourse to warm them up.  Warming the body would give the victim extreme pain.
    The Nazis would put the victims in pressure cookers to see how much altitude a person could travel.  Another thing they would do is inject them with infectious diseases such as yellow fever and typhus to test possible medications.  Nazis would do surgury on the prisoners without any anesthetic to see how much pain a person can endure.
    The most famous experiments were those done on different races to see how differently each would react.  They did this because they wanted to see if the Jewish people were inferior to other races.  They would also sterilize the prisoners so that they couldn't reproduce and make more of the"genetically undesired."

    The Nazis preformed countless experiments to the helpless victims.  Most prisoners died in pain and torment.

During the Jewish Holocaust, Dr. Josef Megele performed several medical experiments of unspeakable horrors on many Jews in concentration camps.